Frequently Asked Questions

Think Uber meets the land of massage therapy! We are an Ontario-focused massage therapy app that helps deliver experienced and skilled massage therapists right to your office, home, or while traveling across the province. Booking appointments, massage therapist preferences, and payments are all organized through the mobile app, which can be downloaded on Apple or Android devices.

First thing’s first: you’ll need to download the app. Next step? Setting up an account! Some basic personal information will be needed, along with a credit card.

Once registered, the app links users to MassageXpress therapists in your area. You can schedule and confirm appointments, and a therapist will arrive at your house or office with everything needed for your massage. Once done, you can bask in a stress-free glow of Zen, while MassageXpress automatically pays your therapist through the app’s payment system. Think of it as an online wallet linked to your account, where you add appropriate funds, and then get charged.

For those who claim their massages under insurance, a receipt will be sent to your account. From this, you can gather information to submit a form to your provider, and get reimbursed.

You can book a massage therapist through the app at any time, 24/7. The earliest available appointment can be made an hour prior to booking.

MassageXpress follows a thorough vetting process for our therapists, which includes multiple interviews, a police background check, professional credentials needed, as well as a practical exam. We only align ourselves with registered massage therapists in the province, and those who have a good standing with The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

We want to ensure the safety of our clients by vetting therapists; however, the safety of our massage therapists is a top priority, too. MassageXpress asks to verify the identity of all clients before a therapist is sent for a massage booking. The verification process is an easy, one-time step that should only take mere minutes. Your information on the app will be secure and protected.

Cancellations can be made within one hour of your scheduled massage. After that, a fee may apply.

After your massage is done, a receipt will be sent to your account, where you can submit it to your provider and get reimbursed. It’ll include your massage therapist’s Ontario registration number.

Tipping is encouraged, but optional. There is a section on the payment section of the app that allows for a client to tip their massage therapist. Choose from the tipping options available, or enter the amount you prefer.

MassageXpress is growing all across Ontario, so if there are no massage therapists in your area, hold on tight, and keep checking the app periodically! You can also send along an email and let us know where you are located so we can start recruiting in your area.