Building Your Massage Therapy Practice At The Tip Of Your Fingers

With MassagXpress you get a simple, flexible, and hassle-free way to add new clients to your roster, all by simply signing up to our app!

Allow us to handle the marketing and billing logistics, while you enjoy doing what you do best … creating massage therapy magic! 

MassageXpress caters to registered Ontario massage therapists

Your business is still your own – you focus on customer care,
while MassageXpress does everything else. Together, we will build your massage therapy
business to new heights never imagined.


When you feel like doing house calls, turn your app on. When you’re done, turn it off. It’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! You work at your own pace, your own schedule, and at your own convenience.


You select the radius around where live, and locations of where you would like to receive appointment requests from. You don’t have to travel too far if you don’t want to.


MassageXpress sends you appointment requests and you select which you would like to accept or decline. After you perform your massage, we submit your billing directly to the client, where they pay instantly using the MassageXpress app. You are reimbursed for your time, including any potential tips, via the app.

Imagine the ability to fill your appointment bookings, increase patient lead generation, and enhance your business revenues goals …

Fill Up Your Appointment Schedule For $20 A Referral!

Allow MassageXpress to do the marketing work, while you reap the rewards! For example, if ...

  • Client Is Charged For A One-Hour Massage = $110
  • MassageXpress Referral Fee per Massage Appointment = $20
  • Your Take-Home per Massage = $90

A New & Unique Approach To Marketing Your Massage Therapy Business

Long gone are the days where someone flips through big-book directories to find a massage therapist in their area. While friends, family, and your social media network might help you gather a couple of referrals now and then, this can also be a sssslllloooowwww process to building your massage therapy business to where you want it to be.

Why not fill your appointment calendar in a faster and easier way? MassageXpress offers a non- traditional approach to marketing, where we roll up our marketing sleeves to do all the work by gathering users and getting you clients, while you reap all the benefits!

Whether you are brand-new to massage therapy, looking to take your business another level, or simply searching for a way to break out of the current “office” massage environment to branch out on your own – think of MassageXpress. We’ll give you the freedom to do what you love, so you can enjoy what really matters: your clients, your business, and your work-life-
family balance.

Fill Up Your Appointment Schedule For $20 A Referral!

How Does It Work?


Download the app on your device from either Google Play or the App Store


Set up an account


Look through our vast network of massage therapists in your area


Schedule an appointment with a massage therapist, during a time that works best for you


Specify the location of the appointment, whether that is at home or the office


A professional and experienced massage therapist will arrive at your doorsteps, with a portable massage table, sheets, lotion, and music!


Time to relax and enjoy your massage!

Handy Features Of The MassageXpress App

Balance Your Own Time

With MassageXpress, you hold the power when it comes to working hours. Turn the ON status button whenever you would like to receive booking appoint requests; turn it OFF when you want to relax and spend time with friends and family.

As an on-demand massage therapy app, we are available 24/7 to clients, where massages can be scheduled up to an hour before the appointment time. Decide to work during the day or evening – the choice is yours!

Select The Area

Work close to home, or venture out a little further; the choice is yours! Select the area radius you would like to travel to and receive appointment booking requests from.

We’ve Got The Billing Covered

Think of all the money (and paperwork) you’ll save! No need to worry about handing out those invoices and following up on payment. The team at MassageXpress has you covered! You will have full online access to invoices, and get paid for your work through the app.

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