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Massage Therapy That Offers …
Convenience. Comfort. Relaxation. Stress-Free Booking.
Welcome to the World of MassageXpress!

Available exclusively to Ontario residents, MassageXpress is an on-demand mobile app where you can book a massage therapist to come to your home or office on your smartphone device.

A massage is meant for therapeutic and de-stressing reasons; however, more often then not, the entire process can be challenging for those of us that juggle our busy everyday lives. From calling to book an appointment to jumping into your car to make sure you’re not late, and having to sit in a waiting room to be served, MassageXpress cuts out all the fuss, so you can head straight to the good stuff: your massage! Simply pull up the MassageXpress app, scroll through the wide variety of massage therapists in your area, book your appointment, and get your massage! All in the convenience of your own home or office.

Forget about having to book days or weeks ahead of time or having to leave the house or your office, not to mention battling with traffic to and from your appointment! With MassageXpress, your massage therapist arrives where you are at with table, sheets, lotions, music, and all! You can relax before, during, and after your massage without a care in the world.

In addition to booking, you can also track and pay for your massage through the app. Online receipts include your massage therapist’s Ontario registration number so that you can submit a claim through health insurance if you are set up for that.

MassageXpress takes the hassle out of the traditional massage, and fills it with comfort, de-stress, convenience, and of course, relaxation! 

Welcome to the wonderful world of on-demand massage therapy. Getting a massage has never been easier!