A New & Unique Approach To Marketing Your Massage Therapy Business

Long gone are the days where someone flips through big-book directories to find a massage therapist in their area. While friends, family, and your social media network might help you gather a couple of referrals now and then, this can also be a sssslllloooowwww process to building your massage therapy business to where you want it to be.

Why not fill your appointment calendar in a faster and easier way? MassageXpress offers a non- traditional approach to marketing, where we roll up our marketing sleeves to do all the work by gathering users and getting you clients, while you reap all the benefits!

Whether you are brand-new to massage therapy, looking to take your business another level, or simply searching for a way to break out of the current “office” massage environment to branch out on your own – think of MassageXpress. We’ll give you the freedom to do what you love, so you can enjoy what really matters: your clients, your business, and your work-life-
family balance.

Fill Up Your Appointment Schedule For $20 A Referral!