In need of a massage?

Enjoy one in the comfort of your own home!

MassageXpress links you to our vast network of massage therapists, locating one in your area. Book at any time, and organize an appointment that best suits your schedule!

As an on-demand massage therapy app, you can book a massage on your time, at your leisure, in your home or office!

MassageXpress is currently available exclusively to Ontario residents.

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Welcome to MassageXpress

Massage Therapists

We use massage therapists who are highly skilled professionals that are certified and licensed.

On Your Time

A massage therapist arrives on your schedule – when it’s convenient for you!

Right To Your Door

Enjoy your massage in the convenience of your own home.

Easy To Use

MassageXpress is an on-demand app. Think Uber meets the world of massage therapy! All it takes is some taps on your smartphone, and everything booked! Relaxing from the everyday stress and tension in your life has never been made easier!

Best Application for Book your Therapist

Getting a massage has NEVER been easier! Scroll through our network of massage therapists, book appointments using our mobile app, and …

  • Check availability of massage therapists
  • Call a massage therapist to your house
  • Get approximate arrival times
  • Book appointments for family or friends

Download The App

    Book a massage therapist in moments! MassageXpress is perfect for those who ...

    Need To Be Squeezed In

    Ever get a day off, out of the blue, and wish you had time for a massage? Might be hard to get
    an appointment with your massage therapists at the last minute, but MassageXpress can
    squeeze you in! Book a massage, on-demand, from 30 days notice, to an hour ahead of your appointment. Our massage therapists can accommodate on a moment’s notice!

    Are Sick Of Wait Times

    Massage appointments can feel like a rush-and-wait game. You jump into your car, rush to the
    massage therapy office, only to sit in the waiting room for what seems like forever. No waiting
    with MassageXpress! Your therapist arrives at a time – and on time – that is good for you.

    Want Endless Choices

    From Swedish massages to deep-tissue, prenatal, and more; we have you covered in the land of massages, where the choices are endless!

    Are Tired Of Appointment-Booking Drama

    Are you swamped at work, and just want to be able to book a massage without the hassle of
    reaching a receptionist, voicemail, or waiting for long periods of time for a massage therapist to
    get back to you? With MassageXpress, there’s no fuss, no muss. Simply a few clicks on the app and your massage therapist is booked, for a time that fits your schedule perfectly!

    Want The Benefits, Without The Travel

    Get all the benefits that a massage brings, without having to leave your house! Enjoy a spa-like experience, in the comfort of your own home. No need to make arrangements for a babysitter, or worry about the dog; you are home, you’re good, and you’re about to enjoy a massage!

    Are On The Go, Go, Go!

    Whether you want a massage at home, at your office, or while traveling; a few easy clicks on your smartphone, and you can make it happen.

    We offer highly skilled massage therapists who specialize in the following massages:

    • Swedish
    • Deep-Tissue
    • Sleep
    • Sports
    • Prenatal
    • Assisted Stretch
    • And more!

    How Does It Work?


    Download the app on your device from either Google Play or the App Store


    Set up an account


    Look through our vast network of massage therapists in your area


    Schedule an appointment with a massage therapist, during a time that works best for you


    Specify the location of the appointment, whether that is at home or the office


    A professional and experienced massage therapist will arrive at your doorsteps, with a portable massage table, sheets, lotion, and music!


    Time to relax and enjoy your massage!

    Download the App. Book A Massage. Relax & Destress.

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

    why choose us

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    We Believe In Safety First

    Our network of massage therapists undergo:

    • Police background checks
    • Rigorous in-person interview processes
    • Reference checks

    Wellness, Guaranteed

    Our massage therapists are all licensed, certified, and insured.


    Self-Care With Convenience

    MassageXpress offers you access to massage therapists in your area, where you can book an appointment that fits your busy schedule, in seconds. Self-care is on the horizon, and it’s never been easier to achieve.